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Blue Spruce Sachet

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Has punchy, bright notes of pine, cedar, and cinnamon that are really pleasing.

Aroma Bead Sachets are pouches filled with fragrance infused beads.  The pouches allow air to circulate and carry the fragrance throughout a small area.  These are a great alternative for small spaces such as dresser drawers, sport/gym bags, and linen closets.  Made with phthalate free and skin safe fragrances.

Simply hang in a small area like a bathroom, window or closet, or place in a dresser drawer, luggage, purse, or vehicle*. 

Net Weight 1 oz.  Color may vary.


Do not ingest. Not for bath use. Do not heat or melt.  Do not place on finished wood, painted, or plastic surfaces.  Keep away from children & pets.

*To use in vehicle: Keep out of sun and remove from vehicle during extreme hot temperatures (90°F+). 

Unscented aroma beads are made of FDA approved non-reactive plastics. Be careful when setting scented beads on wood, plastic or painted surfaces. Some oils can stain wood and damage painted or plastic surfaces.